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Cascina Basmetto

Cascina Basmetto con risaia allegata

The earliest documentation regarding Cascina Basmetto dates back to the 14th century, when it was described as valuable properties of the “Monastery of St Barnabas in Gratosoglio”, whose possessions included lands and the surrounding buildings. The large building takes the form of an enclosed courtyard. The central building comprises the owners’ house(to the north), which is the tallest structure in the entire complex and enables the control of activities. It has a portico with a terrace above. On each side of this building (east and west), there are other structures including homes for farm workers, a large stable, and a series of spacious hay-barns.

Today, Cascina Basmetto  is a multifunctional farm based on cereals production and livestock, run by Emilio and Gianpaolo Papetti, together with their sister Mariagrazia who helps with the organization of creative and cultural activities and the enhancement of agricultural culture.


The farm has been run by the Papetti family since 1958. Its main production is rice, mainly Carnaroli rice, with some additional lands used for the cultivation of corn. Until the 1970s the main activity had been the breeding of dairy cows and small farmyard animals, but now it also keeps a small herd of horses.


Moreover, Cascina Basmetto organizes educational visits for school groups and disabled children, as well as company visits dedicated to the explanation of various stages of rice production, from seeding to harvesting. You can also take part in many creative, artistic, and cultural events.


Via Della Chiesa Rossa 265 – 20142 Milano
Tel. (+39) 02 89305165

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