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2 February 2015 Activities, Conventions, Food tours, Gastronomy, The Park

Cascina Battivacco shop

prodotti km 0

The decision to open a retail store in cascina Battivacco comes from a deep belief that it is essential to spread and enhance the agricultural production of our territory, to taste the true authenticity of the products that are the results of dedicated farmers who live and work in the suburban area of Milan.


What we mean through the direct sale of products of the farm and other companies that share our values, is to spread the culture of a healthy diet, which has been handed down from the good old peasant life customs, and integrating it with the important nutrition values at so-called “km0” and the economic, social, and environmental sustainability.


The products of the shop of the farm arise from a deep passion for agriculture, an accurate work and specific agronomic criteria to maintain the fertility of soil as the key element to obtain a quality product; other products that you will find at the shop come exclusively from farms that share our values.


Learn more about the shop.

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