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Cascina Battivacco

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The name “Battivacco” derives from the German – Latin language and means “along the waters”, showing the presence of ancient irrigation system through irrigation ditches, fountains and clay soil that hold the waters, which enhance the cultivation of water meadows rice crops.


Cascina Battivacco, which already existed in 1100, and together with Colomberotto Farm , used today for residential use, was named by sources of that time as “monasterrium de Bativachia S. grant Eusebi cum S. Savior”, i.e. monastery of Battivacco dedicated to Saints Eusebio and Savior, and they both belonged to Pieve di Cesano Boscone.

The building complex consists of five buildings, arranged around a courtyard, used for agricultural activities and cattle breeding, as well as residential use. Currently, cascina Battivacco  is managed by the family company Fedeli, whose family business started in 1870, and has been run by the fourth generation. The production of the company specializes in cereals and livestock: cultivated rice and animal fodder.


The farm provides the following:

  • Didactic farm – educational programs aimed at schools;
  • Wellness farm with a possibility to attend yoga classes for children;
  • Stables for equine-assisted therapies to learn more about therapeutic riding.


Inside the courtyard of the farm there is a shop that offers a wide variety of products.


Via Barona 111 – 20142 Milano
Tel. (+39) 02 8133351

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