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Parco delle Risaie project. Stage 1: Spazi Aperti 2010

12 April 2015 All the news, Our partners' projects, Projects

CIVES Project: citizens towards sustainability


Parco delle Risaie Association participates actively in the CIVES project.


CIVES is a participatory project that is present in Darsena di Porta Ticinese and Navigli canals, where you can find the area called Park of Rice.


One of the main purposes is to establish a “new covenant” between the residents of Darsena di Porta Ticinese, and the farmers of the peri-urban areas, capable of triggering virtuous processes of cooperation, aimed at improving the quality of urban and rural spaces, and consequently, the quality of “rururbana” life.


In particular, the project CIVES focuses on some of the topics:

  • The protection and the promotion of environmental, climatic, ecological features of agricultural landscapes
  • The urban regeneration of Darsena as a strategic area for the city
  • The economic value, cultural and environmental products and services of quality coming from urban neighborhoods (the so-called “km 0 “)
  • A more sustainable use of the free time, the rediscovery of the value and the role of the rural landscape of the city
  • The awareness of all local people towards the protection of water resources, the natural fertility of the soil, the biodiversity and landscape.


Learn about the main activities:

Agriculture and Cities
Participatory Workshops


The CIVES project, co-financed by the Fondazione Cariplo in the call for proposal 2010 “Educating for sustainability”, is supported by Fondazione Rete Civica di Milano (leader), Parco delle Risaie, ARCI Milan and DIAP (Architecture and Planning Department – Politecnico di Milano).

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