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12 April 2015 Projects

Parco delle Risaie project. Stage 1: Spazi Aperti 2010

La chiesetta di San Marco nel mezzo del Parco delle Risaie

Parco delle Risaie, non-profit association, whose general purpose is to create and enhance the agricultural park park of the same name (see the statute), has found a crucial support by Fondazione Cariplo that supports valuable projects submitted by Enti No Profit.



is a philanthropic organization that gives grants to Third Sector organizations for the realization of social value projects. Fondazione Cariplo operates in four areas: Environment, Arts and Culture, Scientific Research, Social and Human Services. Grants are awarded mainly through various “tools” such as: calls for proposals, local projects, grant management, landmark grants and sponsorships.


Parco delle Risaie association has participated in the call for proposal: Spazi Aperti 2010, by granting itself funding for the following activities: 1) census; 2) feasibility study; 3) communication and management.


These 3 activities (together with the 4th activity, Spazi Aperti 2012) as well as the call for proposal and the support of Fondazione Cariplo, creates the real and practical possibility for the effective implementation of the main objective of the association. Therefore, we are indebted to Cariplo Foundation for its charitable activities and support for our project.


PARCO DELLE RISAIE. An agricultural heart for the city of Milan Call for proposal SPAZI APERTI 2010 – Fondazione Cariplo


The objective of the project is the census and the feasibility study for the construction of a large agricultural urban park inspired by multiple functions and activities that enhance and preserve the very old agricultural sector making it more familiar and accessible to the citizens, especially to those of Milanese area and surrounding areas, but also to the Expo 2015 visitors.ù


In perspective the use of this resource and its approval by the population is the greatest guarantee of its survival against the threats caused by urban growth and the consequent soil consumption. Thus, in the Milanese reality and its immediate hinterland where the citizens – families, children, adults – manifest the need to rediscover ancient experiences – the agricultural work, farming, countryside walks, the rediscovery of fauna, flora, and water as a typical element of Milanese territory and its roots – Parco delle Risaie arises as a natural answer, and potentially, as one of the most important examples of European urban agriculture offered to the citizens and the 2015 Expo visitors, making it a perfect integration of the agricultural world with reality.


Promoters: Parco delle Risaie Association, Connecting Cultures, Comune di Milano (Assessorati Sviluppo del Territorio e Attività Produttive).

With the contribution of: Fondazione Cariplo.

Sponsors: Council of Zone 6 – Milan , Metropolitana Milanese s.p.a. , Navigli Lombardi Scarl.

Supporters: : Regione Lombardia, D.G. Assessorato Sistemi Verdi e Paesaggio, Provincia di Milano – D.G. Agricoltura della Provincia di Milano, Società Agricola Fedeli, Azienda Agricola Giacomo Andena, Azienda Agricola Carlo Meregalli, Azienda Agricola Papetti, Associazione Mesopotamia, Società Italiana di Ecologia del Paesaggio SIEP, Rete Civica Milano (RCM)


General objective

Development and promotion of open spaces so as to create a strong agricultural connotation in the city of Milan, providing all those services that at present are only partially developed.


Specific purposes

Sharing expertise with farmers, owners and residents of the neighboring areas, and to raise public awareness of Parco delle Risaie.


Development of cultural, leisure and social activities related to agricultural activities, with the involvement of citizens, improvement of accessibility of pedestrian and cycle paths within Parco delle Risaie, development of multifunctional farms so as make them more active on the territory, and guarantee the continuity of their very important role as a stewardship of the land.



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Check out further details for each area, flora and fauna, farms, crops: the quarry of Ronchetto, Parco Teramo, cascina Battivacco and farmland – north of Scolmatore Olona, the Central Ridge, S. Marco and the western agricultural area, the western edge, South West tip, Monterobbio, agricultural area west of the Naviglio Pavese, cascina Basmetto and farmland – east of the Naviglio Pavese , old and new villages between Lambro and the Naviglio Pavese.

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